Ocean Moonlight

1,700.00 kr.

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KINZ KANAAN — From the Ocean Deep collection.

Earrings in 925 Sterling silver and gold plated in 14- Karat gold. Set with 4 crystal pearls & 2x CZ. Length: 9 cm. The earrings are sold in singles or as a pair.

The treasures of this earring will appeal to the woman, who loves the elegance of the pearl in perfect balance with the symbols of the moon, the eye, the spiral and the shell. The symbols represent femininity, the intuitive, growth, the spiral of life and the ever powerful forces surrounding us. This earring represents your own inner ocean and your awareness of all energies that connect us all.

  • when diving in deep waters, surrounded by the treasures of the sea, imagine yourself looking up and seeing the moon that reflects its magical energy down on you.