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  • Hill Tribe Necklace, Sapphire

    4,600.00 kr.
  • Small Diamond Necklace Oxidized Silver

    3,200.00 kr.
  • Rose cut sapphire and white diamond necklace

    Rose Cut Sapphire & White Diamond Necklace

    5,800.00 kr.
  • Gold on gold flared bead bracelet

    Gold On Gold Flared Bead Bracelet

    11,500.00 kr.
  • Wide salt-and-pepper shield ring

    Wide salt-and-pepper shield ring

    16,000.00 kr.
  • Fringe necklace 14 karat and oxidized silver

    Fringe Necklace, 14K Gold & Oxidized Silver

    3,900.00 kr.