Min Muse – Snow

Snow –  She arrived on day of immense beauty. Large flakes
of snow where dancing in mid-air as if they were celebrating the
genesis of this wonderful being. A snow fairy . My muse.

So delicate and magnificent that everything she lays her eyes upon, turns radiant
and glorious like the jewellery she so generously inspires.
Yet, she might be a fairy. But nothing makes her feel better than living amongst us people. She lives close to the castle Rosenborg  and the Crown Jewels because she loves the way they sparkle.

Snow and her essence is brought to life by the people who love her. She is in my heart and lives in my pieces; worn on the hands and around the necks of those seeking her inspiration as they pass through our busy world.

She is the little twinkle of excitement that we feel when we discover a thing of beauty.She is a curious little being, full of light-hearted and wondrous ideas.
When Mondays  are weighing me down, she is by my side guiding me back to the glorious world of  Nord, where I can always find the magic that inspires me, my life, and the pieces I create.
– Mette Nordby Thomsen